What is Functional Medicine?

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Conventional medicine diagnoses and treats what’s above the surface-symptoms and disease-functional medicine looks at what’s below the surface, at the root of the disease-environmental and lifestyle factors, including sleep and relaxation, physical activity, nutrition, stress, relationships, clean air and water. Functional medicine focuses on optimal functioning of the entire body and its organs, how they interact in systems and as a whole.

Functional and integrative medicine focuses on restoring our body’s own ability to maintain health and not disease treatment. When you report symptoms to your conventional medical doctor, the doctor typically gives you a diagnosis and then proceeds to prescribe a medication to treat a symptom and or eliminate an illness. With functional/integrative medicine, a diagnosis doesn’t stop at the symptom elimination level; providers work with the patient to continue to peel away the layers of the onion to identify the source of the dysfunction which is almost always at the cellular level and involves imbalances in physiological processes.

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Getting Started With Functional Medicine

Warren’s Drug store believes our patients have the right to thrive , not just survive, in this amazing world we live in. Our goal is to free people from lifelong dependency of medications that only treat symptoms, but do not cure. In the process, we will empower our community to become a healthier version of itself.

Our functional pharmacy model blends traditional pharmaceutical care (medicine) with alternative treatments to your health and well-being. We believe that food and exercise is the best medicine.

We teach our customers that they are their own pharmacy, meaning we all have the capabilities to create “drugs” that will improve our quality of life. Our cells did not provide the genetic blueprint from thousands of years ago to make a specific receptor on a cell in the hopes that someday a pharmaceutical company would come along and create a drug that would bind to the receptor and do x,y, and z. That means your body already makes the “drug” and our very own molecules regulate these pathways, we just have to know how to activate them. To do that, we must go beyond a pill in everything we do and lay the foundation for our body to create the compounds it needs to thrive!

Dispensing medications is no longer good enough. It’s time for us to all understand how to start living and being healthy. It’s time for us to let go of old models and embrace the freedom in knowing you have all the power to create health. Your path to wellness starts here. We empower patients to make informed, confident decisions about their health and well-being, from head to toe by supporting them with customized strategies based on their own unique life.

Our Values

Our new way of doing pharmacy discovers the root of your problem rather than just masking the symptoms. We find out why these problems are happening and what to do to fix that problem.

With our specific, personalized approach we can:

  • Reduce medications

  • Eliminate prescriptions

  • Improve results

  • Help move customers from sickness to wellness

Although conventional medicine is certainly necessary in acute care settings and emergency settings, it has not made us any healthier nor helped the current epidemics that are caused by lifestyle choices that lead to chronic disease like diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel, and a host of others. People are living longer but their healthspan is decreasing.

By restoring health instead of just eliminating symptoms and illness, we give the body what it needs to fight against infections, maintain healthy organs and tissues, and align both healthspan and lifespan.

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Additional Supplements

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Wellness Evaluation

This is your initial consultation where you will complete a wellness packet and meet with a provider to discuss your questions and health goals. This needs to be completed before any other type of appointment can be scheduled.



Health Strategy Session

This is any general follow up consultation once you have completed the “Wellness Evaluation”. Use this time to schedule with a provider to discuss any questions or concerns you have come up during your wellness journey.



Labwork Consultation

It is not only important to know your lab work numbers but to understand what they mean for your current and future wellness. During this time a provider will go over lab results with you one-on -one answering any questions or concerns you may have.



Nutrition Focus

Have some nutritional concerns or questions? Use this time to meet with a provider and focus on how your health journey may be impacted by the foods you eat. This time could also include food sensitivity testing.