COVID-19 Vaccine Update:

We no longer have the COVID-19 vaccine in stock and will be suspending the waitlist until we receive more shipments.

  • Low Blood Sugar?

    Low Blood Sugar?

    The First Premixed Glucagon Autoinjector

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

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  • Compounding


    Custom medications to suit all of your unique needs

  • Diabetes Education

    Diabetes Education

    Learn to make healthy food choices, stay physically active, and monitor your blood sugar levels

  • Immunizations


    Our highly qualified staff can easily administer immunizations at the pharmacy

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  • Warren’s Drug Store has been approved as a COVID-19
  • vaccine provider by both the North Carolina Department of
  • Health and Human Services and Cardinal Health. We should
  • begin to see COVID-19 vaccine doses arriving in our store
  • soon. We have begun the process of accumulating names on
  • a waitlist which you can access on our website. We will use
  • this waitlist to register vaccine appointments once doses
  • arrive. Please remember, doses remain in short supply and
  • therefore we cannot guarantee an appointment even though
  • you are on our waitlist. We also are required to adhere to
  • CDC/NCDHHS guidelines which prioritize recipients based on current phased vaccine rollout process.
  • These guidelines will remain in effect until vaccine administration is opened to the general public.
  • Our store front will be open to the public beginning Monday,
  • 3/1/2021 however we continue to encourage use of our drive-
  • through and delivery services to minimize potential virus
  • transmission. We still have supplies on hand of many popular
  • COVID-19 related items including hand sanitizer, hydrogen
  • peroxide, masks, some glove sizes, alcohol, thermometers,
  • pulse oximeters and more. Thank you for your patience and
  • understanding.

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Meet Your Pharmacist

Stephen Joyce is the owner of Warren's Drug Store, which has been a local independent pharmacy in Mebane since 1933. We are a traditional pharmacy that specializes in offering personalized service to our wonderful patients. Here at Warren's Drug Store, we now accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Specialized Services:

  • Compounding
  • Immunizations
  • Free Kid's Vitamins Club

Considering Mail Order Prescriptions?

Mail order drug programs represent a serious threat to public health. It is not possible for mail order drug vendors, which lack face-to-face contact with patients, to comprehensively monitor their patients' health status, gather information on the full spectrum of their prescription and nonprescription drug use patterns, or adequately assess their understanding and compliance with drug therapy.

Click here for 5 reasons why mail order prescriptions are a bad idea

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