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Health Tip
Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits!
If you can convince kids to take an interest in vitamins on their own, you’ll not only have an easier time convincing them to do it every day, but you’ll help them form their own sustainable vitamin and nutrition habits that are likely to stay with them into adulthood. Talk to your children about why you think vitamins are important, including a discussion of any information you receive from your doctor or that you might read in news stories or health-related publications. If age-appropriate, talk about certain diseases and conditions that are present in your family and how vitamins may help control these. When shopping, explain to your children why you choose a particular brand or type of vitamin over others and keep them involved in the process. Gummy, chewable or other “candy” vitamins not only give kids a yummy incentive to take their vitamins, they make the process easier for children who have trouble swallowing pills. 

November is
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