Pharmacy Compounding

Not all people are created equal, people are different. For this reason, clothing manufacturers make lots of different sizes of clothing to choose from. They also make different colors and patterns because people also like different things. Medicine is no different. The major pharmaceutical manufacturers provide us with a variety of different drugs and dosage forms, but not everyone can take what they provide or in the dosage form the drug is provided in.

Not all pharmacies are created equal either, pharmacies are different. The history of the practice of pharmacy is defined by pharmaceutical compounding. A definition of pharmacy is the “science or practice of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs”. With the advent of modern day mass production of medications by the pharmaceutical industry, this art has faded from the mainstream. However, as long as people are created differently, the need for custom-fit medication will exist, and therefore the need for compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies prepare drugs that are customized to the dose or dosage form your doctor wants you to have, which means you are not limited to what the pharmaceutical industry says your choices are.

Currently, Warren’s Drug Store is the only full-service compound pharmacy in Alamance County. We routinely mix and make creams, ointments, tablets, capsules, suppositories, liquid suspensions, and more. We also flavor liquid medications to make them more palatable. We are in the business of solving difficult prescription medication problems—for adults, children, and pets.

Have you ever needed multiple creams or ointments mixed together in one dosage form? We can do that. Has your child ever needed a prescription drug that is only available in a tablet or capsule converted to a pleasant-tasting liquid suspension? We can do that. Has your pet ever needed a medication that is difficult to administer? We offer several options for pet dosing from oral liquids to topical creams that can be applied to an ear flap.

Give us a call and ask us about our compounding services. You may be surprised to find out about the variety of things we do, right here in Mebane, to help our customers.

Jim Hiatt, RPh